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Jamie Staples with her horse, Merle

Hi! I’m Jamie and I have worked in counseling for 17 years. I began working as a drug and alcohol counselor in 2005 after graduating with a B.A. in psychology from the University of Sioux Falls. I then received a M.S. in counseling and human resource development from South Dakota State University.


Having worked in social work, psychiatric residential treatment facilities, and outpatient mental health, I began pursuing her passion of animal assisted therapy. I attended training with the International Institute of Animal Assisted Play Therapy® in Alaska and Pennsylvania and learned how to incorporate dogs, cats, goats, horses and guinea pigs into therapy practice. Peaceful Paws Therapy’s pet therapy team works with children and adults struggling with adjusting to the changes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, family changes, grief and loss, as well as treating anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADHD, PTSD, and other mental health challenges.


In 2019, I founded Peaceful Paws Therapy and we opened our doors to clients in Northern Colorado.  

How Does it Work?

Therapy doesn’t have to be intimidating. When you’re ready, let’s get started by learning more about each other. 

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World Suicide Awareness Day

World Suicide Awareness Day is September 10th.

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A Peaceful Pause: The Power of Boundaries

In the realm of mental health therapy, we often hear about the importance of creating a safe space for clients to heal and grow. At Peaceful Paws, we take this concept to heart and extend it not only to our human clients but also to our four-legged therapists…

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Could EMDR Be Right For You?

Hi everyone! I’m Roxanne, a licensed therapist who just joined the team here at Peaceful Paws. I am absolutely thrilled to share a little with you about one of my specialties–Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, or EMDR therapy for short. If you haven’t heard of it, buckle up because I’m about to share the […]

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