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Hi! I’m Jade and I loves being able to support children and their families in their healing process. I know it’s so difficult when your child is hurting. I want to be able to help your child unlock their potential and come back into themselves again. 

I specializes in working with children and teens who are experiencing anger, anxiety, depression, trauma, learning and behavior disorders, and children who are on Individual Education Plans and 504 Plans. I have a background in school mental health and community mental health centers. I provides a safe environment for children to express their thoughts and feelings, helping parents understand what is troubling their child, and how to support them more effectively. I want to help your child be able to use their own coping tools to aid them through these difficult times. 

I am currently taking professional development through the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute to become a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist, which is a form of play therapy. You can find more information at https://synergeticplaytherapy.com/synergetic-play-therapy.

How Does it Work?

Therapy doesn’t have to be intimidating. When you’re ready, let’s get started by learning more about each other. 

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