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This spunky fella will lick you from head to toe. He is a 2017 foal and was a surprise baby when his mama was purchased from auction and the purchaser did not know she was pregnant with our precious Merle. Merle is named after the country singer Merle Haggard. Merle can be identified in the herd by his coloring. He is bay (brown with black mane and tail) but has one white “sock.”



Our big lover, Sam, is perfect in every way. He is a 2003 baby making him the senior in our herd. He is very well trained and sweet as pie but a little shy. Sam has two white “socks,” and is by far the biggest guy in the herd.




Our social butterfly will try to sneak out the door with you and beg for attention but be careful because he can push the others out of the way, demonstrating some less than appropriate social behavior. He is likeable and silly. Chance is a 2018 foal and is a registered Quarter Horse breed.

Karly the white mini horse



Moonlights as a unicorn


Kenya Believe It


Kenya is our 14 year old mini horse. She is sweet as pie, loving, and gently. She loves attention and is easy to halter and take out for a walk.







Theo is 7 years old and was rescued from a flood in Lyons, CO. He has slight neurological damage and his head floats back and forth slightly. He has gentle eyes though does not trust easily. He will likely take a tasty treat from your hand.

_KSC9471 2



Elrond is 6 years old and is sweet and sassy. He might let you touch his flooffy fur if he trusts you but it will take a lot of relationship building for that trust!

Mavis the black alpaca



Brother of George! He thinks kicking is fun so watch out behind him! He is very social and does like his face pet.

George the Alpaca



Brother of Mavis! George has a spunky personality and is sweet at the same time.




Brother to Jasper. A little shy and skeptical but does well on walks with his brother!




Brother to Evan. Enjoys sunset walks through the field with his brother.


Black and white mini dexter cow named whitney mooston stands in a field

Whitney Mooston

April 13th, 2021

Whitney is a miniature white dexter, which is the smallest breed of cows. She was born in April, 2021 and will not get much bigger than she is now. She is very sweet and will snuggle while resting and laying down. She likes to play soccer and she definitely loves her treats!

Blaze the baby highlander cow


March 28th, 2023

Blaze is a Mini Dexter/Highlander and the sweetest little cow you will ever meet! He loves being pet and snuggled.


Charlie the fainting goat



Born with a broken leg that didn’t heal properly, he will always have a little limp. He is the sweetest of the herd and will snuggle all day.



April 2021

Teddy was our house goat for a while, as he was left out of the herd due to the others having a bonded partner. He is very personable and likes to sit on laps to take naps.

Frank, a full grown, brown fainting goat


April 2021

The blue eyed twin, Frank is quieter and can take a while to trust a person. He has the softest fluffy white coat and is very bonded to his twin, Beans.



April 2021

Beans, the brown-eyed twin of Frank will definitely let you know he wants all the attention and loves giving kisses. 

Sunshine the full grown fainting goat looking at the camera


May 2022

Spunky escape artist will play hard to get but snuggles when he is caught!



April 2023

Cuddles for hours at 3 days old and we could never set her down.



April 2023

Cuddles for hours at 3 days old and we could never set her down.



April 2023

The sweetest, cuddliest little goat ever! Loves to be held and sit on laps.



April 2023

Loves to jump and play! Pickles was chosen because at one day old, he had the best dance moves in the goat barn.


Charlotte the golden retriever wearing a red and black checkered bandana while laying in the grass in front of a fence


December 2nd, 2018

Charlotte has spent most of her time by Jamie’s side. She is certified with Jamie as a pet therapy team and loves her job passionately. Charlotte knows about every trick in the book and will perform for a treat or a good pet.

Peaches outside


February 26th, 2023

Peaches is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and cousins with Matilda. She’s adventurous and spunky but loves her treats and snuggles. 



November, 2023

Sisu is a St. Bernard puppy who is just learning about life on the farm. She likes to nap, eat, and nap some more but she’s always down to snuggle.



March 1st, 2023

Matilda (mighty in battle in german) is definitely a fighter. She is “cousins” with Peaches and survived extreme sickness at 10 weeks old. She is a lap dog and would love to snuggle in a session. She is also very playful and would love to play tug with you. She is ferocious and is Emmalyn’s best friend (don’t tell her cats).



January 1st, 2023

Lando is a rescue pup from Texas! He’s a mixed breed with hints of Chihuahua and Papillon. This is Kayla’s 8 month old puppy. His best friend is Rocky and these two could wrestle for hours. Lando is very playful and can also be seen chasing Tilly and Peaches in the lobby. Lando loves belly rubs and lots of snuggles, so if you see him on site, please say hello!




Raine is a Husky who works with Roxanne part-time. You’ll often hear her serenading clients and the other animals with the song of her people. 

Rottweiler lab mix wearing orange vest posing while sitting outside


July 8th, 2022

Zeus is a lab/rotty mix rescue who is still a puppy at heart, but is very well behaved and intuitive. Zeus’ family calls him their baked bean or “Zeusy-Caboosy”. You’ll see him alongside our farmhand, Siera when she brings him with her to work at both locations. 

Brown dog laying down in green grass


May 16, 2012

Lana is a super sweet old mutt who adores people.  Don’t put her down for cardio anytime soon, but she is extremely patient and has a very calm demeanor. You’ll see her most often at our north location when she comes to work with her mom, Kim.



Raine is a Husky who works with Roxanne part-time. You’ll often hear her serenading clients and the other animals with the song of her people. 




August, 2015

Purfect prefers to be outside and eats the food in the shop. He is the ranch manager and will probably show up anywhere you are outside. He is most always looking for some pets and will occasionally like to be picked up to snuggle.



April 27, 2022

Coming over from the neighbor’s hay trailer in an Avocado box at one week old, Bootsie was bottle fed and has grown up with Chris and Jamie as his parents. He is so, so sweet! He likes to sit up on our shoulders and loves play time anytime.

Avocado the brown tabby cat being held


April 27, 2022

Our tiny little nugget weighing 6lbs, Avocado was found in our neighbor’s hay trailer at less than a week old, abandoned by a stray mother. She came to us itty bitty and was bottle fed. She is spicy and loving. She loves climbing and jumping around and will curl up next to about anyone, though does not like to picked up.

Callie the calico kitten


June 2023

The newest kitten addition after being surrendered as a rescue has found her new home playing and snuggling at the north location. 



Spring 2020

Our feral barn cat turned house cat sweetheart. Phoenix lived in the shop for a year after being rescued with 100 other feral cats in Ft. Collins. Christmas 2021, he decided he wanted to be loved and pet by humans for the first time, and now spends most of his nights curled up in Jamie’s arms. Phoenix “mothered” Boots and Avocado in their first few weeks of life, earning his nickname, Uncle Fefe.

Gray and orange cat sit together on wood shelf

Colorado & Bruno

Spring 2022

These sweet barn kitties were rescued from a hoarding situation and have made their new home in our shop, catching any mice who might venture inside. They are very timid though have gotten more and more comfortable with people the longer they have been here.




January 21st, 2023

Loves watching clients from his tank at our main location and is often visited by toads in the window well!

JO-C the axlotl


April 3rd, 2023

Hypomelanistic (extremely rare morph gene) which means she is Bioluminescent and glows bright green under UVB light!


Gus Gus on a blue pillow outdoors

Gus Gus


Gus Gus is gray Lionhead rabbit. He’s a feisty, fun guy and dad to Kua-Loa. 

Duchess the light-haired lion head rabbit


July, 2021

Our female Lionhead rabbit and mama to Kua-Loa. Duchess is a snuggle bunny for sure and has the best popcorns when she is hopping around a room. Duchess was born in July 2021. She loves romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, fresh parsley, grapes! She is the best mommy bunny and definitely royalty around Peaceful Paws.

Kua-Loa, white Lionhead Rabbit


October 30th, 2022

This beautiful white fur- blue-eyed baby of Duchess and Gus Gus loves celery, carrots, dandelions, strawberry tops, and grapes. She enjoys being held, hopping around the room, being brushed and pet, and having treats.

Guinea Pigs



October 2020

Donut is an October, 2020 baby, sibling to Sprinkles, and has grown up at Peaceful Paws. They like to play in doll houses and with other toys, and love to snuggle. They may have small amounts of lettuce, carrots, strawberries, grapes, parsley, basil, and other fruits and vegetables approved by google. They may not be placed together as Donut asserts dominance and may bite Sprinkles.



October 2020

Sprinkles is an October, 2020 baby, sibling to Donut and has grown up at Peaceful Paws. They like to play in doll houses and with other toys, and love to snuggle. They may have small amounts of lettuce, carrots, strawberries, grapes, parsley, basil, and other fruits and vegetables approved by google.



A former classroom pet who likes cuddles and playtime.


White pekin ducks, cheese and pepperoni

Cheese & Pepperoni

March 3rd, 2023

Pekin Duck twins that love hanging out with alpacas and Charlie at our north location.


Child holding red-bellied tortise


May 4th, 2022

A red foot tortoise, native to Argentina, this cutie is a 2022 baby that will live another 80 years and grow another 40lbs. She needs her habitat to maintain a 80-90 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Poppy eats two nutrient pellets soaked in water daily and needs her swimming pool full of fresh water daily. She loves to chomp on lettuce, dark leafy greens, watermelon, berries, hay, and some other fruits.

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