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World Suicide Awareness Day

Yellow ribbon with world suicide awareness day writingI’m Emmalyn, a therapist here at Peaceful Paws. As a counselor and a human being, suicide prevention is something about which I am very passionate. September 10th has been declared World Suicide Prevention day, serving as a time to raise awareness and discuss a topic many may shy away from having with their friends and loved ones. 

During the pandemic, rates of anxiety and depression rose by 25 percent and the current mental health crisis continues to affect people throughout the world. Mental health treatment is often stigmatized and can be hard to obtain, especially for families with lower incomes, those in rural locations, persons of color, and the LGBTQ+ population. 

Recognizing this challenge, several organizations exist working to fundraise for those who would otherwise have limited or no access to mental health treatments. Two of my favorites are Healing Hooves (a partnering nonprofit to Peaceful Paws) and To Write Love on Her Arms which has a different campaign and slogan for each year’s Word Suicide Prevention Day. Using the “find help” tool on TWLOHA’s website, anyone can find accessible mental healthcare near them. 

Within my own life, I am passionate about advocating for support for my friends and family. It is important to remember that someone who is fighting mental illness and at risk of dying by suicide does not have one specific “look”. 

It can make a huge difference to simply check in with friends. In this way, we can dismantle the stigma of talking about mental health and negative impacts can be lessened. By checking in with those you love, connection and advocacy can more easily hold space in your life, and society as a whole. 

Below, you’ll find resources specifically for suicide prevention: 


Northern Colorado Resources:

I have a personal and professional mission to help connection and love thrive. I hope you’ll join me and the team at Peaceful Paws this September 10th as we recognize World Suicide Prevention Day. 

Stay healthy, friends!

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